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Horse Training

Riding Lessons

English or Western

We are happy to now offer riding lessons at the Stables!

Whether you have been riding for years, or have never set foot in a barn, we have a place for you! You will have one on one coaching based on your skill level; we focus on building a solid foundation of horsemanship skills while enjoying the lesson time. You will spend time in the barn growing comfortable handling and caring for horses, and you will have a lesson plan tailor-made to suit your level of ability! Safety is our first priority, but plan to have fun, because it will be here! 

Pricing:      Per horse: 45.00      Per instructor: 35.00     

Family rates:   2nd child - Horse  35.00     Instructor 25.00

                          3rd child  - Horse  25.00     Instructor  15.00

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How comfortable are you riding a horse?How comfortable are you riding a horse?

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