Dog Care

Please be advised that we are closed for the fall and winter season, and are not accepting bookings at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience!

There's no need to look further than our kennel for the care of your companion! Featuring 26 heated kennels with qualified staff to provide hourly care for your dog, we're here to meet your need: whether it be daytime pet sitting, grooming or long term boarding.


Daily sitting rate – 30.00

Overnight stays – 40.00

Weekly rate 7 days or more – 252.00


     Included daily:

  • Multiple walks on leash

  • Playtime/Socialization

  • Food

  • Water

  • Supplements (provided by owner)

  • Lots of cuddles

  • Special treats

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We offer 7-9AM and 4-6PM Drop off/Pick up times Monday - Friday,  

Saturday and Sunday 8-10AM and 3-5PM

and are closed for drop off or pick up on all major holidays.


       Boarding & Daycare Checklist:
  • Rabies Certificate
  • Proof of vaccines (see details)
  • Bed or blanket (see details)
  • Food (if applicable)
  • Toys (see details)
  • Leash & collar
  • Medications (if applicable)

Please carefully view all details listed below to ensure your pet meets our boarding requirements, before securing a spot in our facility! We maintain tight standards for your pet's safety!

     *Pet Diets: We feel your pet should not have a change of diet during a boarding stay and should be fed the diet you are currently feeding at home. We strongly urge you to bring the diet your pet is used to eating - if possible measured by individual meals in zip lock baggies. Please keep bagged food to 3-5 lbs and label with your pet's name. If needing to bring a large quantity of food, please confine to a sealed container no larger than 3.5 gallons.


​     Bowls: We use stainless steel bowls that are washed and sanitized after each use so we discourage you from bringing bowls from home. If your pet is partial to a specific bowl, please let us know so we can be prepared.

     *Items From Home: Pets use articles brought with them as toys and chewing play things, so please do not bring any item which you do not wish to be chewed. Items from home might include toys, towels, small blankets, etc. These items will contain your household smells and make the pet feel more comfortable while away from home. Please limit the number of items to 2 or 3 pieces. Label all items with your last name or your pet's name.  Do not bring your pet’s favorite toys. We will take every care with your pet's possessions, but we will not be responsible for items lost or eaten. Keep in mind we do not guarantee the return of these items - please only bring items you consider to be “disposable”.


     *Bedding: We provide raised pet cots, but we encourage you to bring a bed or blanket for your pet as we believe this makes them feel more comfortable and "at home". If you wish to bring bedding please do not bring anything that can't be washed with bleach as all articles brought in with pets will be returned clean. Please ensure that your pet's bed contains a washable cover!


     Leash and Collar: Please make sure when you arrive at West Wind Stables, you bring your pet into the office on a leash.   


     Emergency Contact Numbers:  Every attempt will be made to provide the care necessary for your pet should an emergency occur. It is important that you leave a phone number where you can be reached or an emergency contact person authorized to communication with the veterinarian so care can take place in a timely manner. If there is an emergency, we contact your veterinarian first. If he or she is unavailable, we contact another local veterinarian. Then we call you at the emergency number you provide. ​Please notify us at check in about any pertinent medical history or problems with your pet.


     If Someone Else Drops Off or Picks Up Your Pet For You:  If you have made arrangements for someone else to drop off or pick up your pet for boarding please let West Wind Stables staff know who that authorized person is.  We do not accept or release pets from other than the owner unless prior arrangements have been made.


     Why might my dog need a sanitary clean-up shampoo & dry bath before coming home from a boarding stay?  Our policy is not to send home smelly pets, thus any dog at West Wind Stables may need a shampoo and dry for a very nominal charge.  We use discretion (our nose) on dogs to determine if they should have a shampoo and dry before being picked up.  Owner will be charged for all shampoo and dry baths. Boarded pets do not stay as clean as they do at home for several reasons.  Although our staff is vigilant in scooping and cleaning the boarding patios, dogs may soil their feet and coat. Longer coated breeds will become more soiled than shorter coats but to ensure a happy and sweet smelling homecoming we provide a very nominally charged clean up prior to going home


     *Vaccinations:  For the health and safety of all our guests we require your dog be current on vaccinations. 

          Required For Dogs:  

              Rabies    1-3 year for dogs six months of age & up  (Required AND ​a copy of your Rabies                                                            Certificate must be provided)

              DHLPP   1-3 years                                                     (Required)

(The State of Michigan requires that within our records we retain on file a copy of your dog's actual Rabies Certificate. This certificate is not the report from your vet indicating all of the vaccinations given your dog, but it is the actual Rabies Certificate you are issued by your vet at the time the Rabies vaccination is given. This is the certificate that you are required to present when applying for your dogs annual County Dog License.)   ​


     *Please email your pet's vaccination records in advance so we can verify that the Distemper & Rabies vaccinations are current and up to date before your arrival.

     Not Required Vaccinations But Recommended:

Bordetella Vaccinations Administered once annually at least a minimum of 5-7 days prior to a boarding stay. Please review an article on Canine Cough by The American Kennel Club which is a very good educational source when considering if your dog actually needs a Bordetella vaccination. There are many benefits of having the Bordetella vaccination, and if  you are having the Bordetella vaccination administered to your dog - please only consider administering one of the Intranasal Bordetella vaccines which offer the additional advantage of coming in a bivalent or trivalent form, containing parainfluenza and/or adenovirus-2, thus providing even broader protection against common causes of canine infectious respiratory diseases. 


Here is a very good article about why the Intranasals vaccines are much better than the oral or injection vaccines. West Wind Stables uses due diligence in screening arriving dogs to make sure they are not exhibiting any canine cough symptoms at the time of arrival. This virus family is very large with more than 200 strains, but only about 20 of the most common strains are covered by the vaccines.  West Wind Stables does not accept any responsibility for exposure of boarders to this virus or for any outbreaks of this virus. Please talk to your vet about these vaccinations being advisable for your dog - please take steps well prior to arrival if you select to vaccinate your dog for Canine Cough.


Canine Influenza (CIV-Bivalent) Administered once annually after the initial two part series, 1st of the series and annual boosters must have been administered at least a minimum of 5-7 days prior to a boarding stay. West Wind Stables recommends but doesn't require your dog receive the Canine Influenza Vaccine (CIV-Bivalent) covering the H3N8 & N2 strains. The CIV/Bivalent vaccination is a series of two vaccinations given two weeks apart, then only one vaccination annually thereafter. Dogs may board after the 1st vaccination, but the two part is needed for the most immunity.


​West Wind Stables uses due diligence in screening arriving dogs to make sure they are not exhibiting any CIV symptoms at the time of arrival.  We do not accept responsibility if your dog comes into contact with this virus. Please talk to your vet about these vaccinations being advisable for your dog - please take steps well prior to arrival if you select to vaccinate your dog for CIV-Bivalent.


     Fleas/Ticks:  Additionally, we require that you maintain a year-round treatment for ticks and fleas in order to protect our kennel from any contamination and protect all of the pet guests. We recommend internal or topical solutions such as Trifexis, Advantage or Frontline. We do not suggest the flea/tick collar prevention methods. There are many new products on the market - Please talk to your veterinarian about your options and frequency of treatment.


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