Dog Grooming

Did someone say grooming?

We are pleased to offer all types of grooming services to our clients! From the little cutie needing a trim to the poodle needing a styling, and to your great big boy needing a bath and de-matting, we're here for you (and them!)

Grooming Services

Bath and blowout: Small Dog              25

                                     +  Clipper cut  40          


Bath and blowout: Medium Dog          35

                                     + Clipper cut   55        


Bath and blowout: Large Dog              45

                                     + Clipper cut   70         


Bath and blowout: XL Dog                   55

                                     + Clipper cut   85

Sanitary Trim                10

Teeth Cleaned              10

Nail Clipping               10*

De- Shedding     10~50**

De- Matting        10~50** 

Ears plucked                10

Glands expressed.       15

*If not part of grooming package - 15

**Price varies – based on size and condition

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