West Wind Stables

Our Vision


We live in a world that is getting increasingly busier with less time for the things that matter. It can be hard to break away from the craziness and seemingly impossible at times to find something constructive to do with our families without raising the blood pressure! However, there is something uniquely peaceful and serene about being near God’s creation and there's no better way to soak it all in than with your four legged companion. For many people tho, having horses or even a dog is impossible where they live, not to mention that the care their pets need and deserve requires more time than some owners have. West Wind Stables makes it possible for people to own their pets without adding more stress to their already busy lives. We do the feeding, grooming, exercising and bathing so our customers can actually enjoy their pet when they can get away for even an hour! Quality time is hard to come by in our culture and we work hard to maintain an environment where you, your family and your pets can just enjoy each other while our friendly staff takes care of everything else. - The West Wind Staff

Daniel was raised in the tri-state area, and Lydia was raised between the west and mid-south, but they married and settled near Free Soil, Michigan between Manistee and Ludington, with full intent of making it their forever home. As parents of five young girls now, and looking toward the next many years, they decided it was time to do what they love; care for animals and bring value to the community. They love serving in every capacity that they can, and having had the advantage of growing up in large families with farming and animal care a part of their every day life, it's become a second nature for them! They desire to provide exceptional care and services to their clients and the community

Our Story

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